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Thanks for coming back! 

 I enjoyed the feedback and responses from the first blog.  We had some requests as well, so stay tuned in the following weeks for some great information! Don’t forget to comment and follow below to stay update on all of the latest posts!

It seems as though the weather has finally remembered that it is indeed winter, but we know  spring is getting closer and that means the shop is continuing to stay busy!



There are many reasons why we enjoy riding motorcycles.  I, personally, enjoy pushing my bike and myself to the limits,  whether that is seeing how fast we can go at the drag strip, or pushing through a corner until the floorboards are begging for mercy. To me, life is way more interesting when it is being pushed to the limit. However, that limit is becoming much more sensible than when I was younger. I feel like that is what thrill seekers always do.  We never give up looking for that little instance of adrenaline rush, even if that’s leaving hard from a stop light in a minivan (My dad always said that’s why he bought one with a “sport package”).

There are few people who push the limit farther that the fine men and women out there on motorcycles every day trying to keep the world orderly and safe. These guys and gals can ride a motorcycle like you wouldn’t believe. It just so happens that Wauwatosa PD and a Sheriff unit from Walworth County came in to take advantage of the winter maintenance opportunities.

IMG_1629[1]House of Harley-Davidson is proud to serve the majority of the Milwaukee metro area motorcycle officers.  While the riding environment is shared, the responsibilities that they assume on bikes are very different.  That being said, every time they hit that start button, the last thing they want to worry about is the quality of the machine that they throw their leg over.  Whether it is across town for parade assistance or pursuing a criminal, if they trust us to repair their motorcycles that they ride every day in the line of duty, why would you take your bike anywhere else?

Speaking of safety, we deal with plenty of accidents throughout the year,  many of which deal with a customer being rear-ended.  My heart sinks every time I see a flatbed truck pull up with a bike on the back.  So what can you do to increase your chances of being seen?


The more visible you are, the less likely you are to being cut off, turned out in front of, or rear ended.  They say loud pipes save lives, but how loud is your exhaust when you are stopped at an intersection or waiting to turn? Stop and think about how many lights are on the front and rear of your bike.  Now look at this 2015 Ultra Limited.  This bike is going to be seen, whether someone wants to see it or not.  This bike features Harley-Davidson tour pack and saddlebag rack lights, auxiliary saddlebag lights and Kuryakyn saddlebag support inserts to compliment the tour pack, brake light, and fender tip lights.  We have plenty of options to increase light both in the front of the bike as well as in the back.



Riddle of the week: You have two of them, they are round, and they can make the biggest visual impact on a motorcycle.  What are they?



WHEELSWhether they are chrome, black, or even purple, the visual impact that a set of wheels can make is immense. Black on black is the way this IMG_1624[1]customer wanted it.  Black-Ice Agitator wheels with black and polished brake rotors have this bike looking sinister along with the black forks to finish the look, setting this bike way out from the pack. We want our customers looking good coming out of storage. Contact me about our winter wheel packages. Don’t wait, these deals are too good to pass and they are limited! 

Email me, let me know you saw the blog and let’s get some fresh wheels on your motorcycle and  roll in style in 2016!


The title of the this weeks blog is life behind bars, so it’s only fitting we show you a bike getting ready to add two handfuls of attitude. What is worse than pants that don’t fit right? IMG_1628[1]Handlebars that are uncomfortable! Don’t let a bad set of handlebars or maybe an old injury prevent you from fully enjoying every mile.   This new Road Glide is getting tricked out with a set of bars that would make any rider happy.  The Bagger Nation Monkey Bars featured here are available in sizes ranging from 8″-16″ because comfort and style shouldn’t discriminate against size.  The customer didn’t stop there! Check out the chrome grips, mirrors, switch housings, and chrome brake and clutch master cylinders!  No fake covers here!! All of Harley-Davidson’s chrome products go through rigorous inspection to make sure it will last as long as your motorcycle and look as good as the day your bought it.

We have many different handlebars available to make that old bike feel like new, and that new bike feel like it was made just for you.  Let us help you put the perfect set of bars within reach!




Here’s a little parting shot from a trip I took 2 years ago.  After getting blasted with rain for the first 4 hours of the day, we reached Missouri and left the weather behind us.  I was able to get a picture that featured my Dad leading the way with my Uncle bringing up the back in the mirror.

There is nothing better than sharing a ride with family and friends so show me favorites from the past year, maybe they will find their way into the gallery or even in an upcoming blog!



***Don’t miss our KILL WINTER events this month!***

  • Saturday January 23, we will be tickling your ears with exhaust demos from 11-1!
  • Saturday January 30 is our KILL WINTER Beach Party: We will be partying from 3:00pm until the snow melts… or 9:00pm 😦

Every day past is a day closer to being back on the bike and enjoying every mile.

Chow for now!


If you have any questions about the information covered in this blog, or any other general service questions, feel free to e-mail and as always head over to to check out new/used inventory, the latest motor-clothing, parts, events and more!



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