Getting Tire’d

No, not tired of writing these blogs.  I could do this until there is nothing left in the shop to write about.  Today we are talking about tires. Seems kinda stupid, I know. BUT!  Some riders seem to overlook the fact that such a simple piece of a motorcycle is one of the most important.  There are many issues that can arise from a tire, much of which is no different than our cars and trucks.  Over inflated tires cause premature/ irregular wear, just the same as under inflation.  The most common issue we see in the service department is cupping.  Cupping is an issue that is caused by a tire being ridden on while at 10-20 pounds under the recommended pressure.  This causes the outer section of tire to wear in a way that produces raised edges and can cause an audible howl in corners or a vibration felt in the handlebars.  In the worst cases, you can run your hands along the tread and feel the difference in tread levels.

We are often asked, what is the best tire out there?  When properly maintained,  we typically see the OEM Dunlop tires lasting 9,000-15,000 miles, depending on the model. Now, this can vary greatly due to the types of roads that a driven on, the amount of  weight between rider, passenger and luggage, and how a person rides.  So don’t get mad at me when you only get 8,000 miles out of your tire.  Obviously someone who likes to hot rod, or do burnouts is not going to see 9,000 miles out of their tires.  Take these guys for instance:

Untitled“But my car tires last 200,000 miles and only cost me 25.00 dollars per tire!” While there may be many reasons a car tire lasts longer and costs less, if you remember anything, remember this: You only have two motorcycle tires, so what is your life worth?  Of all the things I might not spend top dollar on for my bike or my gear: tires, a seat, and my helmet will not be one of them.  In all honesty, we literally see every end of the spectrum when it comes to the rubber on your bikes, from 20 year old tires that have cracks big enough you can practically put a finger into them to a practically new tire with a piece of metal punctured through the heart of the tread. Nothing ruins a day quite like being in the middle of nowhere with a flat.  Do yourselves a favor and CHECK YOUR TIRES!  It takes five minutes to have a buddy stand in front of and behind your bike while your roll it out of your garage to check for anything in the tread and help you find your valve stem to check your tire pressure.

DID YOU KNOW?: There is a protection plan available when your purchase a new tire.  The The H-D Road Hazard plan covers both front and rear tires as well as the wheels against punctures or road damage to give any rider the perfect piece of mind.  Ask about it next time you are due for a tire.

It seems as though we reach this time of year and we start to get that itch to be back on the bikes.

Crazy Russian

Would you ride it?

While it’s obvious that the weather prevents that, it seems as though there are always things happening in the area that allow us to get our fill.

The place to be this weekend is the Mama Tried Show.  It is the perfect way to beat the winter blues and get ramped up for spring.


Friday night features indoor flat track racing with a post-race party at the Harley Museum.  Saturday and Sunday is all about the show bikes, from old rats to perfectly restored pieces of history, this show will have it all and then some with an awesome chopper/ garage built vibe.  Sunday, we head out to the ice for a lesson on speed. You will see everything from classic bikes to dirt bikes with studded tires sliding sideways.


You can expect to see a lot of guys in form similar to this guy, searching for traction while making an attempt to getting in and out of corners as quick as they can. It is a special balance of grip along with precision throttle and braking that allow the riders to get around the track.  If you have never seen it before, I’d highly recommend coming out. 

Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram to find out where it will go down:

 Did you register to win tickets to join the HOH crew to Flat Out Friday and sit in our VIP section?  Check out last weeks blog “Paint, Pipes, and Performance” to find out how!  Go quick, the drawing is Wednesday, February 17!

IMG_0022Speaking of racing, it’s time to go see what Mark has been up to on his FXR.  With a bike that should be making around 120 horsepower and 120 ft-lbs of torque, he figured the belt was not going to withstand the amount of abuse it was going to be put through.  The only acceptable substitute was to ditch the belt for a chain and set of sprockets.


After the everything was installed and aligned, it was time to start reassembling the engine.  Cylinders and heads went back on after some new gaskets and rings were installed.  Here you see theIMG_0030 push-rods being installed and adjusted.  After that it was time for the intake and carburetor to be installed before the rocker covers and wiring was finished.  The engine mounts and stabilizers secured the engine in the frame and the primary covers and drive were assembled. This included a custom mid-control install.


The anticipation of firing this engine was killing me and it isn’t even my bike!  But that will have to wait for another episode while the exhaust is built.

I keep telling myself we are getting closer to riding season!

Who wants to have their bike featured in next weeks blog?  Send my a picture and a description and let’s show everyone your ride!  Send a picture and description to and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

Chow for now!




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