Working For The Winter

It’s the third week in January and while most of us have been trying not to slip on all the ice outside,  I’ve been thinking about how many days we have to wait until it is time to ride again.  For most riders who aren’t fortunate enough to travel south, the weather turns cold, the temperature and snow falls, and their motorcycle is the last thing on their minds.  We, on the other hand, go into project mode.  We focus on all of our customers who chose to store with us, as well as those who look to make a major change to their bikes. While we spend most of the winter completing interval maintenance, oil changes, tire replacement, and other basic services, we also transform.  This can include everything from a few bolt-on items to a complete motor or transmission rebuild.  It also includes paint, body, or lighting customization.

Take this 2017 Street Glide for instance:

img_0549What started out as a completely stock, fresh off the truck motorcycle, has now transformed into a completely customized and personalized machine. The best part about it? It can be yours.  Yes, that’s right.  It is For Sale!  Come to our Greenfield location and check it out for yourself.



What a better way to stand out, then a custom wheel to make a first and lasting impression.  While you may not want to go as big or radical as our Street Glide, we can find the right wheel to fit your needs.  hd-turbineTake for instance, Harley-Davidson’s
new Turbine wheel.  The perfect size combines attitude without compromising handling.  It looks great with the stock fender, but if you are still looking to turn it up a notch, Harley has you covered with their new Custom Wrapped front fender. The wheel is offered for all 2014 and newer Touring Models in Contrast (shown) or Chrome.  Rotors shown are available separately as well as a rear wheel to match.


I, personally, enjoy the subtle parts and pieces that come together to make a bike whole. What I mean by this is when put together, these parts help create that “Ahhah” moment.  defianceHarley-Davidson creates collections to put a motorcycle into perfectly customized harmony. The newest addition to the large array of Parts and Accessories (or as the biz calls it “P&A”) is their Defiance collection.  High-Polished Chrome and Premium Black finishes mix with sharp, detailed lines to create a new high standard and give your bike that final detail it may be missing.  The collection covers all facets of the bike, from Grips, Foot boards (pictured), hand and foot controls, as well as Exhaust End-caps.

When it comes down to it, there are so many ways to personalize your motorcycle to make it the way you want it.  There are those that need a bike to go across the country, there are those who want it to be the best looking bike at the bike night of their choice, and then some that just want to be the first one there. Whether it’s comfort, speed, or looks, House of Harley-Davidson is the place to help you make your bike exactly what you want and we are ready to do so today!  Don’t wait until spring and miss that first beautiful riding day.

Come see us now!!locations

Photo time!


Spreading a little Christmas Cheer with our custom collection of bikes in the shop


It’s 110 time for this Road Glide, getting ready to put some power to the ground!







Had to tag this rusty Beetle in downtown Chattanooga during the 2016 Hot Bike Tour.



About Alex HOH

Motorcycle Enthusiast, Speed Freak, Fun maker, MMI Graduate 2005, Dealer employee since 2006. I've been a Technician, Parts Associate, Service Adviser, and currently Service Manager throughout my years of employment. I currently ride a 1999 FLHTCU that was originally purchased by my father in 1998.
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