Flyin’ Into February

We are flying into February with Screamin’Eagle performance work for our customers to start 2017 miles ahead of where 2016 ended.  While the hype is still around the new Milwaukee 8 engine that was introduced with the 2017 Models,  we’ve gotten the opportunity to enhance a few of the new engines for those who share the need for speed.  We took a stock FLHTK and installed the SE8-462 Power cam.  The increase in mid-range to top end power was impressive to say the least.  The horsepower cam picks up right where the stock engine begins to fall, which is displayed perfectly in the picture below. There is so much potential in these new engines, I get sweaty just thinking about it.

This dyno sheet shows the comparison between a stock 2017 Flhtk (RED) and with the addition of the Horsepower cam (BLUE) after tuning was completed.


Maybe that isn’t enough?  (You and I just became friends.)  Look no further than the Screamin’ Eagle Stage 3 and just released Stage 4 kit for both Air & Twin Cooled Touring Models.


2016-screamin-eagle-harley-davidson-stage-kits-milwaukee-eight-5-400x267Be prepared as both of these kits will turn a torque-driven platform into a full range performance motorcycle.  The stage 3 features 114″ Cylinders with High- Compression Pistons, SE8-498 Cam, High Performance Lifters, and Valve Springs to deliver up to a 39% increase in power. The 2017 Flhxs below went from the stock output from 76.87 horsepower to 114.40 horsepower as well as increasing torque from 95.14 Ft-lbs to 120.80.


The stock pistons compared to the Higher-Compression counterparts

That is a 48.8% increase in horsepower and 26.9% increase in the torque. While the increases are great, these parts all maintain factory warranty, which is something that the aftermarket vendors will never be able to provide.



Come hear this thing for yourself at our Greenfield location





The Stage 4 kit brings with it the addition of CNC ported heads, a MASSIVE 64mm Throttlebody, High Flow Injectors and a higher capacity clutch kit to handle to ridiculous amount of torque and horsepower it produces.  I have to tip my hat to the guys in the Screamin’ Eagle division at Harley-Davidson.  They have really put the gloves on and were ready to come out swinging with this new powerplant.

While the blog is centered around things going on in the Service Department, it’s also about encompassing the House of Harley family as a  whole.  What better way to do so then come party with us?  Come burn some of that winter blues and get your motorcycle mojo going in time for spring. Check the link for more details and join us for out “Not Your Mama’s After Party, Saturday February 18th! Link here: Not Your Mama’s Party


And when that party is over, you’ll be amped up and ready to rock.  Why not rock all summer with a stereo upgrade?  H-D’s Boom Audio is the perfect upgrade for your 2014 and later touring models.  img_1072We also have a great upgrade for non-Touring models with the new Boom Bluetooth Handlebar speaker kit and rear speaker expansion kit as well. Here’s a  Street Glide Special receiving a Boom Stage 2 saddlebag speaker lid upgrade. The speakers are paired with a 4 channel amp, discreetly mounted in the saddlebag. The lids are paint matched directly from Harley-Davidson to ensure that the fit, finish, and paint quality are second to none. The additional set of speakers is the perfect way to increase audio output without sacrificing space. Come see our Boom wall at either store and inquire about special pricing on Boom Audio Installation throughout the month of February!

Well, that’s gonna wrap up another installment of Curing the Winter Blues.  It can’t end without pictures, but it’s time for you to get involved.  Email me: with a picture of you and your bike for a chance to be featured in the blog as well as win a cool prize!

We rolled through Beechwood Distributors for the 2016 Milwaukee Rally promotion video.  I found myself becoming quite thirsty during the process.
We occasionally provide motorcycles for the
Milwaukee Bucks to use for their entertainment.
The Hot Bike Tour 2016 brought us to the Wheels Through Time Museum and this beautiful Flat Head Hillclimber.  Thousands of bikes filled the building and they all ran!  A must see for any motorcycle enthusiast.
It also took us to Little Switzerland and a section of roads called the Diamondback Loop.  The roads in this area are nothing to joke about, but are a lot of fun when respected!





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Working For The Winter

It’s the third week in January and while most of us have been trying not to slip on all the ice outside,  I’ve been thinking about how many days we have to wait until it is time to ride again.  For most riders who aren’t fortunate enough to travel south, the weather turns cold, the temperature and snow falls, and their motorcycle is the last thing on their minds.  We, on the other hand, go into project mode.  We focus on all of our customers who chose to store with us, as well as those who look to make a major change to their bikes. While we spend most of the winter completing interval maintenance, oil changes, tire replacement, and other basic services, we also transform.  This can include everything from a few bolt-on items to a complete motor or transmission rebuild.  It also includes paint, body, or lighting customization.

Take this 2017 Street Glide for instance:

img_0549What started out as a completely stock, fresh off the truck motorcycle, has now transformed into a completely customized and personalized machine. The best part about it? It can be yours.  Yes, that’s right.  It is For Sale!  Come to our Greenfield location and check it out for yourself.



What a better way to stand out, then a custom wheel to make a first and lasting impression.  While you may not want to go as big or radical as our Street Glide, we can find the right wheel to fit your needs.  hd-turbineTake for instance, Harley-Davidson’s
new Turbine wheel.  The perfect size combines attitude without compromising handling.  It looks great with the stock fender, but if you are still looking to turn it up a notch, Harley has you covered with their new Custom Wrapped front fender. The wheel is offered for all 2014 and newer Touring Models in Contrast (shown) or Chrome.  Rotors shown are available separately as well as a rear wheel to match.


I, personally, enjoy the subtle parts and pieces that come together to make a bike whole. What I mean by this is when put together, these parts help create that “Ahhah” moment.  defianceHarley-Davidson creates collections to put a motorcycle into perfectly customized harmony. The newest addition to the large array of Parts and Accessories (or as the biz calls it “P&A”) is their Defiance collection.  High-Polished Chrome and Premium Black finishes mix with sharp, detailed lines to create a new high standard and give your bike that final detail it may be missing.  The collection covers all facets of the bike, from Grips, Foot boards (pictured), hand and foot controls, as well as Exhaust End-caps.

When it comes down to it, there are so many ways to personalize your motorcycle to make it the way you want it.  There are those that need a bike to go across the country, there are those who want it to be the best looking bike at the bike night of their choice, and then some that just want to be the first one there. Whether it’s comfort, speed, or looks, House of Harley-Davidson is the place to help you make your bike exactly what you want and we are ready to do so today!  Don’t wait until spring and miss that first beautiful riding day.

Come see us now!!locations

Photo time!


Spreading a little Christmas Cheer with our custom collection of bikes in the shop


It’s 110 time for this Road Glide, getting ready to put some power to the ground!







Had to tag this rusty Beetle in downtown Chattanooga during the 2016 Hot Bike Tour.


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Getting Tire’d

No, not tired of writing these blogs.  I could do this until there is nothing left in the shop to write about.  Today we are talking about tires. Seems kinda stupid, I know. BUT!  Some riders seem to overlook the fact that such a simple piece of a motorcycle is one of the most important.  There are many issues that can arise from a tire, much of which is no different than our cars and trucks.  Over inflated tires cause premature/ irregular wear, just the same as under inflation.  The most common issue we see in the service department is cupping.  Cupping is an issue that is caused by a tire being ridden on while at 10-20 pounds under the recommended pressure.  This causes the outer section of tire to wear in a way that produces raised edges and can cause an audible howl in corners or a vibration felt in the handlebars.  In the worst cases, you can run your hands along the tread and feel the difference in tread levels.

We are often asked, what is the best tire out there?  When properly maintained,  we typically see the OEM Dunlop tires lasting 9,000-15,000 miles, depending on the model. Now, this can vary greatly due to the types of roads that a driven on, the amount of  weight between rider, passenger and luggage, and how a person rides.  So don’t get mad at me when you only get 8,000 miles out of your tire.  Obviously someone who likes to hot rod, or do burnouts is not going to see 9,000 miles out of their tires.  Take these guys for instance:

Untitled“But my car tires last 200,000 miles and only cost me 25.00 dollars per tire!” While there may be many reasons a car tire lasts longer and costs less, if you remember anything, remember this: You only have two motorcycle tires, so what is your life worth?  Of all the things I might not spend top dollar on for my bike or my gear: tires, a seat, and my helmet will not be one of them.  In all honesty, we literally see every end of the spectrum when it comes to the rubber on your bikes, from 20 year old tires that have cracks big enough you can practically put a finger into them to a practically new tire with a piece of metal punctured through the heart of the tread. Nothing ruins a day quite like being in the middle of nowhere with a flat.  Do yourselves a favor and CHECK YOUR TIRES!  It takes five minutes to have a buddy stand in front of and behind your bike while your roll it out of your garage to check for anything in the tread and help you find your valve stem to check your tire pressure.

DID YOU KNOW?: There is a protection plan available when your purchase a new tire.  The The H-D Road Hazard plan covers both front and rear tires as well as the wheels against punctures or road damage to give any rider the perfect piece of mind.  Ask about it next time you are due for a tire.

It seems as though we reach this time of year and we start to get that itch to be back on the bikes.

Crazy Russian

Would you ride it?

While it’s obvious that the weather prevents that, it seems as though there are always things happening in the area that allow us to get our fill.

The place to be this weekend is the Mama Tried Show.  It is the perfect way to beat the winter blues and get ramped up for spring.


Friday night features indoor flat track racing with a post-race party at the Harley Museum.  Saturday and Sunday is all about the show bikes, from old rats to perfectly restored pieces of history, this show will have it all and then some with an awesome chopper/ garage built vibe.  Sunday, we head out to the ice for a lesson on speed. You will see everything from classic bikes to dirt bikes with studded tires sliding sideways.


You can expect to see a lot of guys in form similar to this guy, searching for traction while making an attempt to getting in and out of corners as quick as they can. It is a special balance of grip along with precision throttle and braking that allow the riders to get around the track.  If you have never seen it before, I’d highly recommend coming out. 

Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram to find out where it will go down:

 Did you register to win tickets to join the HOH crew to Flat Out Friday and sit in our VIP section?  Check out last weeks blog “Paint, Pipes, and Performance” to find out how!  Go quick, the drawing is Wednesday, February 17!

IMG_0022Speaking of racing, it’s time to go see what Mark has been up to on his FXR.  With a bike that should be making around 120 horsepower and 120 ft-lbs of torque, he figured the belt was not going to withstand the amount of abuse it was going to be put through.  The only acceptable substitute was to ditch the belt for a chain and set of sprockets.


After the everything was installed and aligned, it was time to start reassembling the engine.  Cylinders and heads went back on after some new gaskets and rings were installed.  Here you see theIMG_0030 push-rods being installed and adjusted.  After that it was time for the intake and carburetor to be installed before the rocker covers and wiring was finished.  The engine mounts and stabilizers secured the engine in the frame and the primary covers and drive were assembled. This included a custom mid-control install.


The anticipation of firing this engine was killing me and it isn’t even my bike!  But that will have to wait for another episode while the exhaust is built.

I keep telling myself we are getting closer to riding season!

Who wants to have their bike featured in next weeks blog?  Send my a picture and a description and let’s show everyone your ride!  Send a picture and description to and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

Chow for now!



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Pipes, Paint, and Performance

February already!  Hopefully we are only two more months away from being back on the road.  Is your bike ready?  If you answered no, you best be calling me soon!  The perfect time for upgrades and maintenance is during storage.  Bike not stored here?  I’ll pick it up and deliver it for free within the metro area with any service totaling $200 or more!  Also, all work performed can be paid in installments throughout the remainder of storage or in full at spring pick up if the bike is stored with us for the remainder of the winter!  Consider it an interest free loan on The House.

We’ve all seen that one bike.  It catches your eye from across the parking lot, parked outside the local biker bar, or here at The House on bike night.  From custom flames or skulls, to multi-layered lines and flowing graphics, a custom paint job is for those who are ready to take their bike to the next level.  Although we do not paint in-house, we use the best painter in the area and transport your parts to and from the dealership at no charge!  From chip and scratch repair, to full paint jobs, the winter provides the best opportunity to add a perfect touch of color to your bike.


This trike, for instance, brings the full flame effect.  “Real flames” have really gotten hot! (see what I did there?) With so many variables and ideas in the minds of the painters out there, they only continue to look even better and more real!  This trike features flames throughout, but also features stitching in the seat, backrest pads, and trike saddlebags to accent the color within the paint.  It also features flamed accessories from front to back.  This is a fully treated, show-winning bike that catches everyone’s eyes!


Here’s another unique paint job on a Dyna; a very cool two-tone blue, with tribal style flames and ghosted spiders that put that last little custom touch on the bike.  The white has pearl metal flake that really pops in the sunlight. With millions of motorcycles out on the roads, there are so many ways to make it stand out from the one parked next to it.  A custom paint job is the only way to guarantee yours isn’t lost in the mix.



What if you aren’t looking for a full custom, one-of-one, paint job? Maybe you are just looking to add that subtle touch to make the bike unique and recognizable at bike night or at a rally.  Have you ever considered pinstripes or a color matched part that the bike isn’t already fitted with?  This Sportster side cover has a nice subtle touch of pin striping to add some personality and customization.

On touring models, a painted Painted Innerinner fairing is a great way to change the look, especially for the rider and passenger. It’s almost like getting on a new bike for the first time!  Ditch the faded, plain inner fairing.  You’ll be happy you did! In addition to the inner fairing, painting mid-frame air deflectors, saddlebag latches or installing painted saddlebag fillers always catch the eye of the unsuspecting.

Dyna and Sportster models aren’t left out either!  A chin spoiler can fill that gap created between the front wheel and lower portion of the frame and help give these bikes a fast look while sitting still.  It’s a great way to add some style to an otherwise bland part of the bike.  Harley-Davidson offers spoilers, air cleaner covers and horn covers that are available in black or primed to sneak in that last touch of color.


Sometimes it is all about cruising with nothing filling our ears but the sweet harmony of a Harley-Davidson.  While the stock Harley sound is quite defined, changing the exhaust is often a priority when customers purchase a new motorcycle. We offer many sets of exhaust from only the best manufacturers in the U.S.  We offer everything from a simple set of slip-on mufflers to a custom-built race exhaust.   Regardless of your application, we can get you the perfect exhaust that will sound, look, and perform exactly how you want it to.

ExhaustI like the Vance & Hines Big Radius pipes.  They have the look to gain attention and make some noise while doing so.

My personal bike features a Vance & Hines Pro Pipe 2 into 1.  This exhaust really compliments the engine modifications that I have made and it has a very unique snarl when I decide it’s time to go, which is usually all the time!


Another high-performing exhaust 20150203_102650manufacturer is D&D. They offer multiple systems for every model.  The Boarzilla on this ’14 FLHTK is a pipe specifically made for larger displacement (110+) engines.  This bike is equipped with a Stage IV 103 kit for Twin Cooled Models.



What better way to compliment black mufflers than to add matching heat shields.  The black Buckshot Heat shields featured on this Nightster carry the dark feel of the wrinkle-finished engine all the way back.  An easy way to put a finishing look to your bike.


Whether it’s ditching the stock pipes because they are too quiet, or putting the finishing touch to the perfect engine, there is nothing better than finding the exhaust that produces the song you love.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a speed freak.  As a matter of fact, I’m not alone. A majority of our technicians have experience in performance, starting with their own bikes and gaining knowledge as they translate those skills and experiences to the motorcycles of our customers. We’ve seen just about everything roll through the doors and into the dyno, from the prototype 120R engine to a turbo-charged V-Rod and one thing is for sure, for some, it is almost impossible to quench their thirst for power.

Take one of our mechanics, Mark, for instance.  He purchased an FXR a few years back and decided the tired old 80ci Evolution motor just wasn’t going to cut it.  IMG_1625[1]To correct that problem, he set his sights on a Twin Cam conversion for said bike, requiring custom frame modifications as well as updating the transmission, swing-arm, rear wheel, and brakes to current era parts.  He got the bike together just in time for our trip down to Great Lakes Dragaway last fall.  While a successful trip, he wasn’t quite satisfied.  So when winter set in, it was time for the engine to be disassembled in order to turn up the heat a little bit. Having already stared with a high-compression 95″ motor, it was the top end that required a bit of work. As you see below, the Screamin’ Eagle heads and intake manifold needed a days worth of work to match the port sizes and shapes to make everything flow together.  More flow = more go.


Always nice to have some metal shavings with your jolly ranchers!

Increasing the porting size and shape means more air. So what about fuel? The stock Harley CV carburetor performs well, but just needs a little bit more fuel to meet the needs of this engine.  Zippers to the rescue with their Thunderjet kit.  This jet delivers fuel around 4,000 RPM and up, when the airflow through the carburetor is at it’s max.


The addition of the Thunderjet allows the main jet size to provide the best air/fuel ratio in the 1/2 to 3/4 throttle range and adds fuel  when the ratio becomes lean at about 3/4 throttle.

Stay tuned to the next few blogs when the bike is re-assembled and ready to hit the dyno for final tuning.



What better way to display performance than hitting the track? Let’s go racing!  February 19th is Flat Out Friday at the Mama Tried Show. Tight indoor racing on a Coke Syrup track should lead to a lot of fun and some great action.  I just so happen to have TWO (2) pairs of tickets to join the House of Harley crew in our VIP section to give away.  Wanna win them?  (Of course you do!)  Follow my blog and Comment “Flatout Friday” below and I will be drawing two names on Wednesday February 10th to join us!



“I’d rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle” – Anonymous

Chow for now!


If you have any questions about the information covered in this blog, or any other general service questions, feel free to e-mail and as always head over to to check out new/used inventory, the latest motor-clothing, parts, events and more!




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Life Behind Bars

Thanks for coming back! 

 I enjoyed the feedback and responses from the first blog.  We had some requests as well, so stay tuned in the following weeks for some great information! Don’t forget to comment and follow below to stay update on all of the latest posts!

It seems as though the weather has finally remembered that it is indeed winter, but we know  spring is getting closer and that means the shop is continuing to stay busy!



There are many reasons why we enjoy riding motorcycles.  I, personally, enjoy pushing my bike and myself to the limits,  whether that is seeing how fast we can go at the drag strip, or pushing through a corner until the floorboards are begging for mercy. To me, life is way more interesting when it is being pushed to the limit. However, that limit is becoming much more sensible than when I was younger. I feel like that is what thrill seekers always do.  We never give up looking for that little instance of adrenaline rush, even if that’s leaving hard from a stop light in a minivan (My dad always said that’s why he bought one with a “sport package”).

There are few people who push the limit farther that the fine men and women out there on motorcycles every day trying to keep the world orderly and safe. These guys and gals can ride a motorcycle like you wouldn’t believe. It just so happens that Wauwatosa PD and a Sheriff unit from Walworth County came in to take advantage of the winter maintenance opportunities.

IMG_1629[1]House of Harley-Davidson is proud to serve the majority of the Milwaukee metro area motorcycle officers.  While the riding environment is shared, the responsibilities that they assume on bikes are very different.  That being said, every time they hit that start button, the last thing they want to worry about is the quality of the machine that they throw their leg over.  Whether it is across town for parade assistance or pursuing a criminal, if they trust us to repair their motorcycles that they ride every day in the line of duty, why would you take your bike anywhere else?

Speaking of safety, we deal with plenty of accidents throughout the year,  many of which deal with a customer being rear-ended.  My heart sinks every time I see a flatbed truck pull up with a bike on the back.  So what can you do to increase your chances of being seen?


The more visible you are, the less likely you are to being cut off, turned out in front of, or rear ended.  They say loud pipes save lives, but how loud is your exhaust when you are stopped at an intersection or waiting to turn? Stop and think about how many lights are on the front and rear of your bike.  Now look at this 2015 Ultra Limited.  This bike is going to be seen, whether someone wants to see it or not.  This bike features Harley-Davidson tour pack and saddlebag rack lights, auxiliary saddlebag lights and Kuryakyn saddlebag support inserts to compliment the tour pack, brake light, and fender tip lights.  We have plenty of options to increase light both in the front of the bike as well as in the back.



Riddle of the week: You have two of them, they are round, and they can make the biggest visual impact on a motorcycle.  What are they?



WHEELSWhether they are chrome, black, or even purple, the visual impact that a set of wheels can make is immense. Black on black is the way this IMG_1624[1]customer wanted it.  Black-Ice Agitator wheels with black and polished brake rotors have this bike looking sinister along with the black forks to finish the look, setting this bike way out from the pack. We want our customers looking good coming out of storage. Contact me about our winter wheel packages. Don’t wait, these deals are too good to pass and they are limited! 

Email me, let me know you saw the blog and let’s get some fresh wheels on your motorcycle and  roll in style in 2016!


The title of the this weeks blog is life behind bars, so it’s only fitting we show you a bike getting ready to add two handfuls of attitude. What is worse than pants that don’t fit right? IMG_1628[1]Handlebars that are uncomfortable! Don’t let a bad set of handlebars or maybe an old injury prevent you from fully enjoying every mile.   This new Road Glide is getting tricked out with a set of bars that would make any rider happy.  The Bagger Nation Monkey Bars featured here are available in sizes ranging from 8″-16″ because comfort and style shouldn’t discriminate against size.  The customer didn’t stop there! Check out the chrome grips, mirrors, switch housings, and chrome brake and clutch master cylinders!  No fake covers here!! All of Harley-Davidson’s chrome products go through rigorous inspection to make sure it will last as long as your motorcycle and look as good as the day your bought it.

We have many different handlebars available to make that old bike feel like new, and that new bike feel like it was made just for you.  Let us help you put the perfect set of bars within reach!




Here’s a little parting shot from a trip I took 2 years ago.  After getting blasted with rain for the first 4 hours of the day, we reached Missouri and left the weather behind us.  I was able to get a picture that featured my Dad leading the way with my Uncle bringing up the back in the mirror.

There is nothing better than sharing a ride with family and friends so show me favorites from the past year, maybe they will find their way into the gallery or even in an upcoming blog!



***Don’t miss our KILL WINTER events this month!***

  • Saturday January 23, we will be tickling your ears with exhaust demos from 11-1!
  • Saturday January 30 is our KILL WINTER Beach Party: We will be partying from 3:00pm until the snow melts… or 9:00pm 😦

Every day past is a day closer to being back on the bike and enjoying every mile.

Chow for now!


If you have any questions about the information covered in this blog, or any other general service questions, feel free to e-mail and as always head over to to check out new/used inventory, the latest motor-clothing, parts, events and more!


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We’ve let them boast their final rumble, gave the throttle one last twist, and said our goodbyes for now to our beloved, two-wheeled friends.  For some, winter is a time to enjoy other hobbies.  For the rest of us, we pass the time waiting for the snow to melt by reflecting on great rides from the past year while simultaneously planning the next year of adventures.
 We want to help our friends and customers pass this winter by giving you all some insight on what goes on when the bikes are not being ridden. Maybe even show you something you haven’t seen before or give you an idea on how to personalize your own motorcycle.

BearTooth PassBut before we get to that, this fall I was lucky enough to take a week away from the shop and ride the Hot-Bike Magazine “Hot Bike Tour”, a yearly ride stretching five days, through five different states and over 1,000 miles.  This year, the ride started in Spirit Lake, Iowa and ended in Billings, Montana.  Not only is a person able to ride some of the best roads in the region, but they also get to do so with some of the best custom bike builders in the world.

One of those builders was Kendall Johnson’s Custom Cycles.  They brought with them a WILD pro-charged monster that was pushing out 300+hp to the rear wheel. Part of the tour includes a build-off, requiring builders to ride on every stop of the tour.  Not only did the KJC guys ride their rocket-ships of motorcycles on the tour, but also rode back to the starting city before loading the bikes into the trailer and heading back to their shop in North Carolina.procharger

I know that I’m out of the norm, wanting something that is as arm-stretchingly (yes I said stretchingly) fast as that bike, but I also know that riders are always looking for ways to customize their bikes, whether it be adding high-performance parts or a subtle chrome accent piece. There are others who are curious to see what we are doing for 5 months during the winter.  If either of those are you, then boy do I have some stuff to show you! So let’s get out into the shop and see what the guys are working on! 


 We will start with a beautiful new Street Glide Special. The biggest craze in the bagger scene has been stretching saddlebags and rear fenders to give a bike that long, low look.  While there are many companies making extended bags and FLHX CVO Fenderfenders, Harley-Davidson has you covered with a clean fitting, custom rear fender replicated after the latest 2016 CVO models.  It just so happens we have a customer that wanted to add that custom flare to her brand new bike and it looks great! Add a set of stretched saddlebags to complete the rear end and be the envy of your friends every time you are leading the pack.



Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest visual difference.  This is no different on a motorcycle.  This 2003 Softail Standard is hanging out at the House for the winter and enjoying some new chrome engine covers as well as a gear-drive camshaft upgrade and carburetor massaging to compliment.  Not only will it look great, but sound and run to match. (I personally love the up-swept exhaust!) FXST Chrome

Winter presents the perfect opportunity to swap polished parts for chrome (or black), as well as make the “go” match the “show”. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your buddies what we did to your bike to make it faster than theirs either!

Last but not least: MAINTENANCE!! 

There is nothing more important than properly maintaining your motorcycle and we are very diligent in informing customers of that. With that being said, we occasionally incur a bike that has lost its way.  Sometimes, a neglected bike is due to a “buddy” who can change oil, but isn’t aware of the rest of the wMaster Cylinderork required to fully maintain a motorcycle.  Other times it is a bike that has simply not been ridden in years due to any number of reasonsRegardless of the cause, know that we take the reliability of your motorcycle as our top priority.  

If your motorcycle has been here for service or storage, we have likely asked if you have had your brake fluid flushed in the past two years. Some people may think we are just trying to sell you something, but this picture proves otherwise. It is a perfect representation of why flushing your brake fluid every two years is such a crucial service.  Although this looks pretty ugly, we were able to save this fella and he is well on his way to a happy 2016 riding season with the best brake performance possible!

From the entire service department, I’d personally like to say Thank You to all of our customers that have trusted us with their motorcycles!  We are looking forward to making 2016 even better, so stay tuned and tell your friends!

“If we wait, all that happens is we get older….”


If you have any questions about the information covered in this blog, or any other general service questions, feel free to e-mail and as always head over to to check out new/used inventory, the latest motor-clothing, parts, events and more!
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